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15 Feb

February 2024 Suspension Product Releases

Arnott has introduced over twenty new suspension products in February 2024. These products include air springs, new air struts, new coil-over strut assemblies, new shocks, coil spring conversion kits, air suspension compressors, and solenoid

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22 Jul

July 2022 Product Roundup

Arnott is proud to introduce five new automotive air suspension parts to its lineup. This month, we have released new air shocks for Infiniti and Nissan, coil spring conversion kits for Cadillac and Land Rover, and coil-over struts for Cadillac

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14 Jul

The Arnott Minute: Replacing Parts in Pairs

Although it is not mandatory, Arnott still highly recommends replacing air springs or struts in pairs. Doing so will ensure a safe, comfortable ride as well as prevent another trip to the mechanic.
04 Nov

Arnott® Celebrates 30 Years of Leadership and Innovation in Aftermarket Air Suspension Products

LAS VEGAS – Nov. 5, 2019 – Arnott, the industry leader in aftermarket air suspension products, is celebrating 30 years of business. Founded by the Arnott family in Punta Gorda, Florida, Arnott has always focused on ensuring customer satisfaction

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23 Oct

Arnott® Introduces New Premium Air Suspension Struts for 2016-2018 Tesla

• Arnott has launched a new aftermarket front strut for the 2016-2018 Tesla Model S • The new strut is the first part for Tesla to be released by Arnott • The product is engineered and assembled in the U.S. with an Eibach damper and a multi-ply

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08 Oct

New Premium Air Suspension Strut Available for 2007-2012 Mercedes-Benz® GL-Class and 2006-2011 ML-Class

Arnott® has released a new premium air suspension strut to replace a failed OE or off-shore strut on a 2007-2012 Mercedes-Benz® GL-Class and 2006-2011 ML-Class. • Arnott’s strut features a premium Eibach damper tuned for an OE-like ride and a

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12 Sep

New Premium Coil Spring Conversion Kit for 2007-2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Now Available

• Arnott’s new conversion kit features Eibach monotube shock absorbers • Premium conversion kit includes CNC-machined aluminum seats and powder-coated steel coil springs • Arnott’s kit is engineered in the U.S. and pre-assembled for easy

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20 Aug

New Premium Air Suspension Struts for 2004-2010 Audi A8 Now Available

• Arnott has launched new aftermarket rear struts for the 2004-2010 Audi A8 • New Arnott-engineered struts feature premium Eibach monotube dampers precisely valved for an OE-like ride • Struts are engineered and assembled in the U.S. and are

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