Air Suspension 101

Air Suspension Basics

Air suspension is an alternative to traditional coiled steel springs for luxury vehicles. An air suspension system is made up of a handful of key components that are broken down below. With this setup, vehicles will have auto-leveling functions, added safety and a smoother, more consistent ride.

Air Suspension Components

The air suspension compressor pumps dried air towards the valve block.

The solenoid valve block is distributes air into the air suspension system.

Air springs use the compressive abilities of air and heavy-duty rubber to absorb vibrations and raise or lower the vehicle.

Air Struts combine a shock with an air spring to provide structural support for the car’s suspension.

The control module manages the vehicle’s air suspension system. It communicates with the valve block to optimize ride comfort, safety and auto-leveling.

Height sensors determine the proper ride height of the vehicle. They send instructions to the control module until the vehicle is at the correct height.

Air Suspension 101 Diagram

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