Magnetic Ride Struts & Shocks

Arnott Magnetic Ride Shocks: MR-3436

Magnetic Ride Struts and Shocks are now offered in Arnott’s aftermarket suspension product line. Designed as a direct replacement for GM SUVs with the magnetorheological damper system Z95 RPO, Arnott’s OES magnetic shocks provide the same adaptive ride as the OE.

What are Magnetic Ride Struts/Shocks?

Magnetic Ride Shocks consist of a monotube damper filled with a combination of synthetic hydrocarbon oil and readily magnetized iron particles, the sum of which is known as magnetorheological fluid, as well as electromagnetic coils. Maintaining the system are a sensor set and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

How does Magnetic Ride dampening work?

If the vehicle sensors sense a change in road conditions, a signal is sent to the ECU. The ECU then determines the electromagnetic current strength required for each shock. When activated, the electromagnetic coils create a magnetic field that instantly magnetizes the iron particles, increasing the viscosity of the magnetorheological fluid and suspension stiffness.

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