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Arnott New & Remanufactured Air Struts: AS-3128 & AS-2929


Struts cycle millions of times over their lifespan. While remanufactured struts offer OE functionality at an affordable price, they eventually wear out and can no longer be rebuilt.

Our unsurpassed experience with remanufactured struts led us to truly understand the limitations of some reused components. Given that, Arnott’s engineers apply decades of knowledge to each and every new strut they design.

Heavy-duty crimping rings

Polyurethane bump stop

Supports auto-leveling functionality

Custom-tuned shock absorber

Designed & assembled in the USA

Arnott New Air Struts Cutout Diagram
Refined to exacting standards and improving on weaknesses found in OE struts, Arnott’s completely new struts are built from the ground up with best-in-class components:

Arnott’s ability to make new custom-tuned struts replicate the OE-like ride drivers expect

Dust baffles and aluminum cans protect the unit from road debris

Arnott’s advanced technology eliminates dashboard suspension warning lights

More Tier 1 Components: Longer-lasting seals, new polyurethane bump stops and heavy-duty crimping rings

Replacing an aging air suspension with new Arnott struts yields the comfort, luxury and auto-leveling desired in air struts, with an eye towards cost-effectiveness.

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Arnott has spent three decades redefining the air suspension remanufacturing industry. Our commitment to innovation is unsurpassed, and demonstrated in the care and skill our expert engineers take in improving OE designs, featuring:
Arnott Remanufactured Air Struts Cutout Diagram

Heavy-duty crimping rings

Polyurethane bump stop

Premium Brand multi-ply air spring sleeve

Maintains OE Damping

Designed & assembled in the USA

Arnott’s remanufacturing processes sets the standard for remanufactured air suspension struts and shocks.
Each used strut is carefully inspected and disassembled, steam cleaned and spin-blasted to bare metal.
Using a proprietary process, Arnott technicians recharge many of the shocks, replacing worn oil with new high-performance shock oil.
Each shock is then computer Dyno-tested as well to assure OE durability and performance.
Worn internal components are replaced and the recharged shock is sealed with a new CNC-machined aluminum cap.
Every remanufactured strut is expertly repainted with corrosion-inhibiting paint for a professional finish.
Skilled assemblers rebuild each strut by hand with new, longer-lasting seals, a multi-ply premium-brand air sleeve, heavy-duty crimping rings and other tier one components.
The remanufactured part is quality tested throughout the build, ensuring only the best are delivered to our customers.

Arnott Offers Remanufactured Air Struts & Shocks For:

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