Arnott Air Suspension Dryer: D-2803

Maintaining a moisture-free air suspension system is key to the health of the air suspension components. Moisture in the system can cause a variety of issues, namely compressor burnout.

Water, in general, can cause the compressor to run inefficiently. Under colder conditions, this moisture can freeze and damage other components such as air lines, creating cracks and leaks to further push the compressor to run more than normal. Forcing the compressor to constantly send air to the air springs or struts can cause it to burnout and require a replacement.

This is where an air suspension dryer comes in.

Arnott dryers are manufactured with the highest-quality components. They help dissipate any moisture to prevent damage to the air suspension system. Additionally, most of the compressors Arnott offers include an integrated dryer. Both options provide years of maintenance-free service.

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