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Arnott Industries Replacement Air Strut

Trusted For Three Decades

Arnott is the authority in replacement air suspension systems.

For more than 30 years, our commitment to innovative engineering, precision production and extensive testing means you – and your customers – are getting a trusted, reliable product every time.

When it comes to aftermarket air suspension products, Arnott sets the standard.

Find out how

Innovative Engineering

Arnott’s commitment to OE quality form, fit and function begins with exhaustive engineering. Arnott’s advanced designs are not only more durable, but many are also easier to install than their OE counterparts.

Precision Production

Our precise production processes ensure the highest quality products are built every time, and that our discerning customers only receive the best parts for their vehicles. With facilities in North America and Europe, Arnott has over 30.000 square meters of manufacturing floor space which includes multiple Mazak 5-Axis CNC machines, advanced recharging stations, automated painting and state of the art warehousing.

Extensive Testing

Each and every Arnott product is thoroughly tested during the development, engineering and production process. We employ a wide spectrum of evaluations to ensure a premium product including computerized shock dyno testing to proprietary air bladder leak testing to countless miles on the road -- for real-world testing.

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