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Arnott Pays Cash for Cores

Arnott Inc. pays up to $500 plus shipping for each core.*

It couldn't be easier! We will even send you labels to ship the cores to us*.

Just use our pre-paid shipping label and your packaging to ship your cores to us. Once the cores are checked in here at our Florida facility, a check will be mailed out within 45 business days.

By remanufacturing used air suspension parts Arnott is able to keep them from filling up our landfills while providing the highest-quality refurbished products at substantial savings. Arnott remanufactures cores using only the highest quality materials and Arnott remanufactured struts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Arnott buys and recycles OEM cores which include the original shocks/struts and does not buy air springs alone or any aftermarket shocks/struts.

Arnott is Currently Buying Air Strut Cores For:
Part DescriptionPurchase Price
Audi & Porsche
11-17 Audi A8 (D4) – Front & Rear$100.00
12-18 Audi A6 & A7/13-19 Audi S6 & S7 (C7) – Front$100.00
11-17 Porsche Cayenne (92A) – Front & Rear$90.00
14-16 Only Porsche Panamera – Front$120.00
03-19 Bentley Continental /06-19 Flying Spur (D1 Chassis) – Front & Rear$100.00
09-15 BMW 7 Series – Rear Air Struts$115.00
16+ BMW 7 Series (G11/G12) w/ or w/o XDrive – Front & Rear$115.00
00-14 GM SUV’s w/Z55 Autoride (No Z95 MagneRide) Rear Air Shocks$50.00
Land Rover - Range Rover
10-12 Range Rover (L322) w/VDS Only – Fronts$50.00
13-19 Range Rover (L405) w/ or w/o CVD – Fronts$25.00
13-19 Range Rover (L405) W/CVD – Rear Shock$50.00
14-17 Range Rover Sport (L494) w/Air w/ or w/o CVD – Fronts$25.00
14-17 Range Rover Sport (L494) w/Air w/CVD Only – Rear Shock$50.00
E-Class (CLS-Class)
03-09 E-Class (W211)/05-11 CLS-Class (W219) AMG ONLY w/Airmatic w/o 4Matic – Front$50.00
03-09 E-Class (W211)/05-11 CLS-Class (W219) w/Airmatic w/ADS (Sedan ONLY) – Rear Shocks$50.00
03-09 E-Class (W211) w/Airmatic w/4Matic ONLY – Front$100.00
10-16 E-Class (W212) w/Airmatic w/ or w/o 4Matic – Fronts$115.00
12-18 CLS-Class (W218) w/AIRMATIC w/4MATIC Only (No RWD) – Fronts$115.00
SUVs (ML-Class, GL-Class, R-Class)
06-13 R-Class W251 W/4 Corner – Fronts$75.00
05-10 ML (W164) & 07-12 GL-Class (X164) w/AIRMATIC w/ADS Non-AMG ONLY – Fronts$75.00
13-15 ML (W166) & 13-15 GL-Class (X166) w/AIRMATIC w/ADS Non-AMG – Fronts$80.00
13-15 GL-Class (X166) w/AIRMATIC w/o ADS Non AMG – Fronts$90.00
06-13 R-Class(W251) W/AIRMATIC w/ADS – Rear Shocks$75.00
13-15 ML/GLS (W166) & 13-15 GL/GLE-Class (X166) w/AIRMATIC w/ADS, Non-AMG – Rear Shock$50.00
16-19 Mercedes GLC-Class (X253/C253) w/4Matic AMG – Fronts$50.00
S-Class (CL-Class)
02-06 CL & S-Class ABC AMG ONLY (W220, W215) – Front & Rear$100.00
00-06 S-Class (W220) w/AIRMATIC w/o 4MATIC Only – Front$50.00
00-06 S-Class (W220) w/AIRMATIC w/ & w/o 4MATIC – Rear$50.00
07-13 CL & 07-13 S-Class W221, W216 W/AIRMATIC w/ & w/o 4MATIC – Rears$50.00
07-13 CL & 07-13 S-Class W221, W216 W/AIRMATIC w/o 4MATIC Only – Front$50.00
14-Current Mercedes S-Class (W222) Airmatic w/ & w/o 4MATIC AMG Only – Rear only$100.00
14-Current Mercedes S-Class (W222) Airmatic w/4MATIC (No RWD) AMG Only – Front$100.00
03-06 SL-Class ABC (R230) Incl. AMG – Front & Rear$200.00
07-12 SL-Class ABC AMG ONLY (R230) (SL55 & SL65) – Front Only$200.00
07-12 MB SL-Class (R230) - Non-AMG – Front & Rear$200.00
15+ C-Class 205 Chassis w/ Airmatic w/4Matic ONLY – Fronts$50.00
15+ C-Class 205 Chassis w/ Airmatic – Rear Shock$50.00
02-13 Maybach 57 & 62 – Fronts$500.00

Arnott’s Core Purchase Program is based off of our current supply and demand and what we are buying can change at any time. If you have any core inquiries please give us a call at 800-251-8993


  • FL - Front Left
  • FR - Front Right
  • RL- Rear Left
  • RR - Rear Right

All prices in US Dollars.

*Listed prices and free shipping for vendors in the continental USA only. International vendors please call.

Arnott buys and recycles strut and shock cores which include the full shock/strut assembly including all intact components including: wiring harnesses, plugs, hoses, ball joints, sensors, etc. and does not buy stand alone air springs. Cores with missing or damaged components may not be accepted. Please contact us if you are unsure of the condition of your core.

List of Cores Arnott is Currently Purchasing with O.E. Numbers & Arnott Part Number

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Cores Arnott is Currently Purchasing with Pictures:

All vehicle makes, models and brands are the trademark of their respective holders.

* Prices and return label offer valid in the Continental USA only. International vendors please email [email protected].

Canadian Clients: Arnott will send you shipping labels to send your cores to Arnott's Canadian Distribution Center - Please contact Arnott at +1.321.868.3016 or email [email protected].