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Trusted for Three Decades

Arnott is the authority in replacement air suspension systems.

For more than 30 years, our commitment to innovative engineering, meticulous production and extensive testing means you – and your customers – are getting a trusted, reliable product every time.

Innovative Engineering

Arnott’s commitment to OE quality form, fit and function begins with exhaustive engineering. Arnott’s advanced designs are not only more durable, but many are also easier to install than their OE counterparts.

Precision Production

Our precise production processes ensure the highest quality products are built every time, and that our discerning customers only receive the best parts for their vehicles. With facilities in North America and Europe, Arnott has over 30.000 square meters of manufacturing floor space which includes multiple Mazak 5-Axis CNC machines, advanced recharging stations, automated painting and state of the art warehousing.

Extensive Testing

Each and every Arnott product is thoroughly tested during the development, engineering and production process. We employ a wide spectrum of evaluations to ensure a premium product including computerized shock dyno testing to proprietary air bladder leak testing to countless miles on the road -- for real-world testing.

Air suspension Perfected

Others will say it, but we can prove it.

Engineered in the USA for 30 years, Arnott new or remanufactured air suspensions feature only top-of-the-line struts, air springs and custom-valved shocks.

Choose Wisely.

Choose Arnott.

Arnott is the authority in replacement air suspension systems.

For more than 30 years, our commitment to innovative engineering, meticulous production and extensive testing means you – and your customers – are getting a trusted, reliable product every time.

New Struts/Shocks

World-Class R&D

Arnott’s quality assurance team is part of the process from development to production. At every step, they make sure that Arnott’s high standards of quality, engineering and manufacturing are maintained.

Road-Tested on In-House Fleet

From Audi to Porsche, Range Rover to BMW and Mercedes, Arnott has more than 40 test vehicles to ensure that the products they engineer provide the luxury ride and durability that owners expect.

Premium OE Components

Through the use of OE components and quality Tier 1 components such as leak-resistant seals, CNC-machined parts, premium name-brand rubber air sleeves, and VOSS air line fittings, Arnott delivers on the superior quality customers can expect with each Arnott part.

Remanufactured Struts/Shocks

Returns Vehicle to OE Specifications

Arnott’s remanufactured OE struts maintain original equipment functionality including factory damping and ride as well as auto-leveling. After the strut is inspected, steam cleaned, and media blasted to bare metal, many of Arnott’s remanufactured products are recharged with high-performance shock oil. Worn components, such as the piston, rod guides and seal pack are replaced before being repainted with corrosion inhibiting paint.

Maintains Factory Electronics

Arnott’s patented Electronic Bypass Module (EBM) turns off dashboard suspension warning lights when installing an Arnott Coil Spring Conversion Kit or Arnott designed new strut with passive damping.

Remanufactured with OE Components

Arnott engineers strive to improve upon the original equipment part by using Tier 1 components such as name brand air sleeves, VOSS air line fittings, longer lasting seals, crimping rings and more.

We live by one simple premise: do one thing and do it better than anyone else.

Arnott is the authority in replacement air suspension systems. Our ongoing commitment to world-class development, manufacturing and testing enables us to set the industry standards for quality and performance in both new and remanufactured air suspension products.

Arnott leads the way in remanufactured replacement air suspension products. All components are either new or restored by trained experts in the United States and tested rigorously before it ever leaves our facility. This commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality gives us the confidence that every single Arnott product is designed to perform and built to last.

Air Suspension 101 Diagram

Compressor: The air suspension compressor pumps dried air towards the valve block which distributes it to maintain ride height and comfort.

Valve Block: The solenoid valve block is responsible for distributing air into the air suspension system.

Air Springs: Air springs use the compressive abilities of air and rubber to absorb vibrations and raise or lower the vehicle.

Air Struts: Air Struts combine a shock with an air spring to provide structural support for the car’s suspension.

Control Module: The control module manages the vehicle’s air suspension system, optimizing ride comfort, safety, and auto-leveling.

Height Sensors: Height sensors determine the proper ride height of the vehicle and send instructions to the control module until the vehicle is at the correct height.

About Arnott

Founded in 1989, Arnott Inc. is the global leader in aftermarket air suspension products for luxury cars, trucks and SUVs offering an extensive line of affordable, high quality, products for more than 20 vehicle makes as well as motorcycle applications. Arnott provides its customers with a choice when repairing and replacing a failing air suspension system. Customers can choose between Arnott remanufactured struts that provide OE functionality, Arnott designed and assembled brand-new replacement air springs, struts, shocks, coil spring conversion kits or compressors – all reasonably priced. Arnott products are available from leading automotive warehouse distributors, providing full coverage of North America and Europe along with export sales to many other countries.