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Arnott Air Suspension Products is the industry leader in providing aftermarket Lincoln air suspension repair parts. Arnott offers coil conversion kits, front and rear air springs, new air suspension compressors and air dryers for most Lincolns on the road today, including the 1984-1987 Continental (FR Layout), the 1988-1994 Continental (FF Layout) with adaptive air ride suspension, the 1995-1996 Continental with four-corner air ride suspension (Ford D186 Platform), and the 1997-2002 Continental. Arnott supplies the same high quality replacement parts for your prized 1984-1992 Lincoln Mark VII (7) (Ford Fox Platform) as well as rear air springs, rear shocks, a coil spring conversion kit and new air compressors for the 1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII (8) (Ford FN Platform). For both the 1998-2002 two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive Lincoln Navigator (Ford U Platform), Arnott solutions include rear air springs, rear shocks and coil spring conversion kits. For the 2003-2006 second generation Navigator with load-leveling air suspension, Arnott provides front air springs, shocks and a fully assembled new front strut as well as both standard and performance coil spring conversion kits. The third generation 2007-2013 Navigator (Ford T1 Platform) benefits from Arnott’s rear air springs, coil spring conversion kit with Electronic Bypass Module (EBM) and new air suspension compressors. Lincoln Town Car owners can choose from Arnott coil conversion kits, regular and heavy-duty rear air springs, plus compressors and dryers for the factory and limousine-sized 1990-1997 Town Car, the 1998-2002 Town Car, and the 2003-2011 Town Car.

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