Arnott Air Suspension Replacement Products for GMC®
Whether your GMC Envoy, Yukon, or Yukon Denali transports the starting infield of your son’s Little League team to a road game or tows your boat for a weekend outing, you appreciate the size of your GMC vehicle and its ability to comfortably and safely handle any load. But when the rear air suspension sags, or fails to adjust to the proper load height, you may find yourself in for delayed sticker shock.
Enter Arnott, the worldwide leader in quality, affordable aftermarket air suspension replacement parts. Arnott knows GM produces a record number of vehicles equipped with air suspension, and meets the market demand by offering a complete line of air suspension products for your GMC. For the Envoy, Arnott makes a rugged second-generation replacement air spring as well as a coil spring conversion kit. For larger GMC SUVs, Arnott offers all new front and rear kits, along with top-of-the-line coil spring conversion kits, which feature Arnott shocks for a sportier ride. Arnott also remanufactures rear OE shocks, which provide the factory auto leveling functionality needed for towing or for carrying heavy loads. Arnott also offers new value-priced coil spring conversion kits and passive rear shocks for price- sensitive customers. When you experience Arnott’s OE fit and superior ride at a fraction of the OE price, you’ll appreciate the Arnott Advantage.

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