Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

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Amott, Inc. has built a strong brand reputation and following among the consumers of our products. We greatly appreciate the efforts of our dealers, distributors and resellers to distribute our products and support their customers. In order to support our dealers, distributors and resellers, we have unilaterally adopted a minimum advertised price policy (“MAP Policy”) in order to preserve our reputation for providing high value products and strong after-sales support, to enhance our image and competitiveness in the marketplace, and to confirm our legacy as an industry leader in quality aftermarket replacement air suspension products and accessories. The MAP Policy will apply to all dealers, distributors and resellers.

Effective November 1, 2015, all dealers, distributors and resellers must abide by the following guidelines:

  1. No dealer, distributor or reseller may advertise an Arnott product at a price lower than the minimum advertised price (“MAP”) listed for that product in the MAP list provided by us to our dealers, distributors and resellers. We reserve the right to modify the MAP list at any time.

  2. The MAP Policy applies to all advertisements of Arnott products in any and all media, including flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, internet or similar electronic media, websites, forums, email newsletters, email solicitations, banner ads, television, radio, and public signage. The MAP Policy is not applicable to any in-store advertising that is not distributed to the customer.

  3. The MAP applies to the advertised price of an Arnott product before shipping, handling, taxes or additional charges are levied. Aggregating the product price with shipping, handling, taxes or other charges to meet the MAP is a violation of the MAP Policy.

  4. Pricing listed on an internet site is considered an “advertised price” and must adhere to the MAP Policy. The MAP Policy does not apply to a purchaser’s online shopping cart as a final stage of an on-line purchase so long as the purchaser enters the final stage without any reference on the website that a lower price will be found at the final purchasing stage. Features such as “click for price”, “bounce-back” pricing emails and similar features prior to the final stage of an on-line purchase are consider advertising and must adhere to the MAP Policy.

  5. Internet auctions and auction websites may not display or have a reserved bid or other acceptable price below the MAP. “Buy it Now” options must be listed at a price equal to the MAP or greater. Reserves and opening bids must start at the MAP. “Best Offer Auctions” are not allowed.

  6. The MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which
    the products are actually sold or offered for sale to an individual consumer within the dealer’s location, over the telephone or through a “bid” process. Dealers, distributors and resellers remain free to sell Amott products at any prices they elect.

  7. The MAP Policy does not establish maximum advertised prices. All dealers, distributors and resellers may offer Amott products at any price in excess of the MAP established for the product.

  8. The MAP Policy does not in any way limit the ability of any dealer, distributor and/or reseller to advertise that “they have the lowest prices” or, they “will meet or beat any competitor’s price”, that users of the product should “call for a price” or phrases of similar import as long as the price advertised or listed for the products is not less than the MAP.

  9. Dealers, distributors and resellers that sell to other resellers are responsible for compliance of their customers with this MAP Policy.

  10. In the event a dealer, distributor or reseller chooses not to follow the MAP Policy, sanctions may be unilaterally imposed by us in our sole discretion. Intentional and/or repeated failure to abide by this MAP Policy may result in termination of business relationship, dealership or distributorship. We do not intend to do business with dealers, distributors or resellers who compromise the perceived value of Amott products.

  11. We may monitor the advertised price of dealers, distributors or resellers, either directly or via the use of third party agencies. No dealer, distributor or reseller has any right to rely on the continued existence of the MAP Policy or any effort by us to enforce the MAP Policy.

  12. Our policy administrator shall be solely responsible for determining whether a violation of the MAP Policy has occurred, communicating decisions to dealers, distributors or resellers regarding the policy and receiving any communication regarding sanctions imposed under this MAP policy. Amott sales personnel or other employees have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to this policy. No oral communications about the MAP Policy are authorized. All questions or comments regarding this MAP Policy are to be directed to the policy administrator: Todd Nash at 100 Sea Ray Drive, Merritt Island, FL 32953. ([email protected])

We reserve the right at any time to modify, suspend, or discontinue the MAP Policy in whole or in part or designate promotional periods during which the terms of the policy change or designate periods of time during which the policy is not applicable.