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Air Suspension Coil Spring Conversion Kits

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aftermarket Air Suspension Coil Spring Conversion Kits are a low-cost alternative to air ride suspension system replacements. Aftermarket Air Suspension Conversion Kits work by replacing your air ride parts with coil springs and passive shocks that do not use the electronic systems in the vehicle. Converting your air suspension system with an Arnott aftermarket Coil Spring Conversion Kit enables you to enjoy an excellent ride at an affordable price. Arnott Inc. offers a wide variety of kits.

Coil Spring conversion kits are designed to replace the air ride in your vehicle. Coil springs specifically designed to fit the vehicle's suspension replace the air spring bags. Coil spring vehicles no longer need an air compressor. The solenoids, height sensors, and the control module will all be inactive, although they may still be needed to support other electronic functions.
Arnott's coil spring conversion kits are exclusively designed for your vehicle. Arnott replacement air suspension conversion kits convert the entire vehicle to a reliable coil spring/strut suspension system. To ensure your vehicle's handling and safety, Arnott rear spring seats are CNC-machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. No special tools are required to complete the installation. Each kit is backed by Arnott's Limited Lifetime Warranty. A detailed Installation Manual is avaialable for download to help ensure a successful 'remove and replace' experience. Many Arnott Coil Conversion Kits also feature Arnott's Patents-Pending exclusive Electronic Bypass Module (EBM) which installs quickly to turn off the dashboard air suspension warning lights. Some of Arnott's Coil Spring Conversion kits also have installation videos available.

Warranty Information: LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Arnott, Inc. is so confident you will be 100% satisfied with this new product, that it is covered by a 90-day Money Back Guarantee. Arnott Inc. warrants that its air suspension conversion kits will be free from defects in workmanship or materials for the lifetime of the vehicle. This does not include installation or other service charges for replacement. Non-transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty with no mileage restrictions.

Arnott Coil Spring Conversion Kits:
Audi Coil Spring Conversion
Buick Coil Spring Conversion
Cadillac Coil Spring Conversion
Chevrolet Coil Spring Conversion
Ford Coil Spring Conversion
GMC Coil Spring Conversion
Hummer Coil Spring Conversion

Jaguar Coil Spring Conversion
Land Rover Coil Spring Conversion
Lexus Coil Spring Conversion
Lincoln Coil Spring Conversion
Mercedes-Benz Coil Spring Conversion
Mercury Coil Spring Conversion
Oldsmobile Coil Spring Conversion
Saab Coil Spring Conversion


Response to: Air Suspension Coil Spring Conversion Kits
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
James Eriksen says:

After I purchased a spring conversion kit for my 96 Lincoln Continental I am totally satisfied. A certified mechanic charged around $300.00 labor to completely replace the air ride. I believe the labor was not to difficult,it is just that I am not allowed to work on a car because of the rules of my condominium association. The car rides perfect and I have no problems carrying extra weight including towing a motorcycle trailer. I highly recommend the Arnott coil spring conversion.

Response to: Air Suspension Coil Spring Conversion Kits
Friday, August 17, 2012
Air Suspension Kits says:

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