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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Available Now: New Compressor for Wide Range of GM SUVs


    Arnott Introduces Air Compressor
    for Wide Range of Popular GM SUVs


    Arnott Air Suspension Products announces the introduction of a new aftermarket Air Suspension Compressor for a wide range of second- and third-generation GM SUVs with short and long wheelbases.
    Arnott Part Number P-2793 is manufactured for Arnott
    and features components developed by ISO 9000-certified manufacturers.


    To ensure the highest standard of quality, P-2793 is durability tested for more than 1,000 hours. The compressor comes with a new airline, dryer and relay. For ease of installation, the Arnott compressor comes pre-installed on an application-specific bracket and also includes an application-specific wiring harness.


    Product Features:


    * Includes New Relay & Wiring Harness

    * Pre-Installed with Bracket and Dryer

    * Mates with OE Air Lines

    * Detailed Installation Manual Available


    The new Air Suspension Compressor retails for $229 and is backed Arnott's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Conversion Kit for '03-'09 E-Class Mercedes-Benz Now Available

    Arnott Introduces Coil Conversion Kit
    for '03-'09 E-Class Mercedes-Benz
    Arnott Air Suspension Products announces the introduction of a new Coil Spring Conversion Kit for the 2003 to 2009 E-Class Mercedes-Benz (W211 Chassis) Wagon with Rear Suspension Only and without ADS.
    Arnott Part Number C-2896 converts the vehicle's rear air springs
    to a reliable coil spring suspension system.


    Arnott's springs are designed to give the E-Class Wagon a smooth ride, comparable to the original air suspension. Arnott's aftermarket springs fit perfectly in the seat without welding or modifying the original suspension.


    The Mercedes-Benz E-Class suspension conversion kit features powder-coated coil springs made from American steel along with top and bottom mounts. This conversion kit includes Arnott's Patent-Pending Electronic Bypass Module (EBM), which will turn off annoying dashboard warning lights.This rear Coil Spring Converson Kit retails for $307.97 and is backed by Arnott's Limited Lifetime Warranty. It is not for E-Class Wagons with 4-Corner air suspension (w/ADS).

    Product Features:


    * Powder-Coated US-Made Steel Springs
    * Electronic Bypass Module Turns Off Warning Lights
    * No Vehicle Modifications Required
    * Detailed Installation Manual Available
    * Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Introducing New Rear Air Strut for S-Class Mercedes-Benz

    Arnott Introduces New Rear Air Strut

     for '99-'06 S-Class Mercedes-Benz

    Arnott Air Suspension Products announces the introduction of a new, not remanufactured, Rear Air Strut -- Right or Left -- for the 1999 to 2006 S-Class Mercedes-Benz (W220 Chassis) with AIRMATIC and with or without 4MATIC.
    The new assembly -- Arnott Part AS-2884 -- replaces
    OEM Part Numbers 2203205013 and 220320501380.


    Arnott's aftermarket rear air strut assembly is designed and assembled in the USA and features a new custom-valved shock absorber with a durable new Continental ContiTech rubber air spring bladder. The strut is partly protected by an aluminum can and dust baffle desinged to keep out debris. AS-2884 also includes heavy-duty crimping rings, new seals, new O-rings and new bumpstop.


    This fully assembled aftermarket Air Strut plugs directly into the vehicle's electronic connector to bypass electronic damping and eliminate fault codes. This part is not for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with ABC.

    The new Air Strut retails for $479 and is backed by Arnott's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Product Features:

    * Custom-Valved Shock Absorber

    * Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation

    * Engineered & Assembled in the USA

    * Durable ContiTech Air Bladder

    * Detailed Instruction Manual & Video Available


  • Monotube Shocks Vs. Twin Tube

    Monotube Shocks vs. Twin Tube

    The most common internal shock absorber designs are monotube and twin tube.

    The biggest distinguishing feature between the two styles is that in a monotube, the piston rides directly on the inside wall of the shock body. In a twin tube, the piston rides inside a compression tube which is spaced slightly in from the wall of the shock body.

    Twin tube shocks are cost-effective and provide satisfactory safety, handling, and control for most driving conditions. A monotube design offers what most drivers consider to be superior handling and performance, as well as a ‘sporty’ ride. Because of these performance characteristics, monotube shocks often are original equipment on luxury cars and SUVs, and are common aftermarket upgrades on vehicles originally equipped with the twin tube design.

    Unless pricing is most important in a repair or upgrade discussion, many automotive experts and driving enthusiasts consider monotube shocks are preferable because of superior:

    -- Response,

    -- Ride quality,

    -- Safety,

    -- Durability, and

    -- Ease of installation.

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